Switches and Accessories

  • Ultra Light HD

    Ultra Light HD

    for Macintosh and Windows The Ultra Light switch is a very small (smaller than your thumb) switch that requires very little pressure and gives great tactile and audible feedback. It is easily mountable within reach of a finger, and its small size and low...

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  • Access Switch

    Access Switch

    for Macintosh and Windows The Access Switch is a durable switch made of high impact plastic. It is 2.5" in diameter and can be activated by a light touch anywhere on its surface. An audible 'click' gives feedback that the switch has been activated. Each...

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  • Switch Kick-Start for Kids

    Switch Kick-Start for Kids

    for Windows XP or newer New from Marblesoft is the Switch Kick-Start for Kids, the hardware and software you need to get a child as young as 9 months to start using the computer with switches. The Switch Kick-Start for Kids includes the Simtech Switch...

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