• Flexible Switch

    Flexible Switch

    The Flexible Switch combines features of Adaptivation's popular Pal Pads and Taction Pads. The Flexible Switch is similar to the Taction Pad but is a true pressure-activated switch like the Pal Pad...
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  • Pal Pad

    Pal Pad

    Pal Pads are true switches with a 1/8-inch plug and can be used with ANY communication aid of battery-operated assistive device that has a standard 1/8-inch jack. Applying only 1.2 ounces of...
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  • Pneumatic Switch Kit

    Pneumatic Switch Kit

    Activate this fun and innovative switch with only a puff of air. Show your creative side and find encouraging ways for individuals to activate this switch. The Pneumatic Switch can be easily used...
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