Other Hardware

  • TrackerPro 2 TrackerPro 2

    TrackerPro 2

    The NEW TrackerPro 2 head mouse provides reliable hands-free mouse control for individuals who are unable to use a traditional computer mouse. The smooth and pixel precise cursor control of TrackerPro 2 opens a world of possibilities for the user. An...

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  • SuperTalker FT SuperTalker FT

    SuperTalker FT

    The NEW SuperTalker FT includes four interchangeable keyguards that can be used to create a communication device with one, two, four, or eight message locations. SuperTalker FT contains a Feather Touch activation surface that is sensitive enough to...

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  • eeZee Mouse

    eeZee Mouse

    The eeZee Mouse family is the world's easiest, most cost effective body sensor computer control device for hands-free operation. The mouse can be operated by any body part the user is able to use, from the top of the head to the foot, or anywhere in...

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  • eeZee Headset

    eeZee Headset

    Provides body sensor mounting platform for all eeZee Mouse models to be mounted on the head. Simply attach body sensor to the headband with tape or Velcro. Includes microphone for use with eeZee Mouse PRO. Requires any eeZee Mouse unit.

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  • BIGtrack Trackball

    BIGtrack Trackball

    BIGtrack by Infogrip is a very big, easy-to-use trackball-style mouse. It features a 3-inch yellow ball and has two blue buttons (for left and right mouse clicks) located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted clicks. Works on any Windows or Macintosh...

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