• ClearKeys USB keyboard

    Alt ClearKeys Keyboard

    The ClearKeys keyboard by Alt is a full-sized 104-key extended keyboard designed for high visibility and easy distinction of the keys.  It's great for low-vision users and users with motor...
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  • Clevy Kids Mouse Clevy Kids Mouse

    Clevy Kids Mouse

    In a world where our children are exposed to computers and IT hardware at a young age, we think it is important for them to learn how to handle a computer mouse well and safely from a young age. The...
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  • Clevy Keyboard upper case and lower case keyboards Clevy lower case keyboard

    Clevy Oversized Keyboard

    Note, December, 2023:  Due to a supply chain issue, availability of the Bluetooth versions is limited.  Call for Bluetooth availability.  Meanwhile, we do still have the USB versions...
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