• Access Switch

    Access Switch

    for Macintosh and Windows The Access Switch is a durable switch made of high impact plastic. It is 2.5" in diameter and can be activated by a light touch anywhere on its surface. An audible 'click' gives feedback that the switch has been activated. Each...
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  • Ultra Light HD

    Ultra Light HD

    for Macintosh and Windows The Ultra Light switch is a very small (smaller than your thumb) switch that requires very little pressure and gives great tactile and audible feedback. It is easily mountable within reach of a finger, and its small size and low...
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  • AT Ultra Light Chin / Cheek Switch

    AT Ultra Light Chin / Cheek Switch

    1. Wearable Switch, always where you want it. 2. Light activation without losing tactile feedback. 3. Comfortable for extended wear. 4. 1/8 inch (3.5mm) Right angle mono plug standard for use with Xbox adaptive controller, PC access, AAC, ECU, adapted...
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  • Mini Cup Switch Mini Cup Switch

    Mini Cup Switch

    The new Mini Cup switch is one of our most durable switches. The IP67 rating of the new Mini Cup switch means that it is resistant to dust and dirt, and can be submerged in water with a depth up to 1-meter for up to 30-minutes. MINI CUP SWITCH...
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  • iTalk4 with Levels iTalk4 with Levels

    iTalk4 with Levels

    The NEW iTalk4 with Levels communication device provides the user with access to four messages. The amplified dual speaker sound output ensures clear communication in almost any environment. iTalk4 with Levels has 6-minutes of record time, includes three...
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