• Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

    Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

    AbleNet's NEW Blue2 switch provides a sleek, modern design with new features that make it compatible with all switch accessible apps. Also new to Blue2 is the ability to toggle the on-screen keyboard on and off for iOS devices and a built-in...
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  • Flexible Switch

    Flexible Switch

    The Flexible Switch combines features of Adaptivation's popular Pal Pads and Taction Pads. The Flexible Switch is similar to the Taction Pad but is a true pressure-activated switch like the Pal Pad. The Flexible Switch can be activated with the slightest...
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  • iTalk4 with Levels iTalk4 with Levels

    iTalk4 with Levels

    The NEW iTalk4 with Levels communication device provides the user with access to four messages. The amplified dual speaker sound output ensures clear communication in almost any environment. iTalk4 with Levels has 6-minutes of record time, includes three...
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  • Jelly Bean Twist

    Jelly Bean Twist

    Bring new variety to the switch loved around the world! The original Jelly Bean's 2.5 inch activation surface is still here, while our interchangeable switch tops can be removed and replaced with the color of your choice: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.
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  • Mini Cup Switch Mini Cup Switch

    Mini Cup Switch

    The new Mini Cup switch is one of our most durable switches. The IP67 rating of the new Mini Cup switch means that it is resistant to dust and dirt, and can be submerged in water with a depth up to 1-meter for up to 30-minutes. MINI CUP SWITCH...
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  • Pal Pad

    Pal Pad

    Pal Pads are true switches with a 1/8-inch plug and can be used with ANY communication aid of battery-operated assistive device that has a standard 1/8-inch jack. Applying only 1.2 ounces of force will activate Adaptivation's Pal Pads. They can be...
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  • Pneumatic Switch Kit

    Pneumatic Switch Kit

    Activate this fun and innovative switch with only a puff of air. Show your creative side and find encouraging ways for individuals to activate this switch. The Pneumatic Switch can be easily used with all kinds of squeeze toys, bottles or balls. Allows...
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  • Switch Kick-Start for Kids

    Switch Kick-Start for Kids

    for Windows XP or newer New from Marblesoft is the Switch Kick-Start for Kids, the hardware and software you need to get a child as young as 9 months to start using the computer with switches. The Switch Kick-Start for Kids includes the Simtech Switch...
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  • TalkingBrix 2 TalkingBrix 2

    TalkingBrix 2

    The NEW TalkingBrix 2 is a set of three single-message communication devices that can be used individually or attached to create a multi-message communication device. Each TalkingBrix can play a message up to 10-seconds long.The 1.8-in/4.6-cm colored...
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