• Teach Me to Talk Teach Me to Talk

    Teach Me to Talk

    for Windows XP or newer Do you have students who aren't talking? Teach Me to Talk is a language and speech stimulation program that enables students to focus on individual words. Many students need to hear a word repeated, up to 20, 30 or more times...
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  • The Complete Marblesoft Bundle

    The Complete Marblesoft Bundle

    for Windows XP or newer The Early Learning Suite plus Marblesoft Games at an incredible price! This bundle includes the following 42 games and activities. From the Early Learning Suite: Early Learning I Matching Colors Learning...
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  • The Graphic Speller

    The Graphic Speller

    for Macintosh and Windows This product is also available in a money-saving 5-pack. The Graphic Speller teaches graphing skills by having the students spell out words. A set of letters is placed on a number line or graph. The student plots the given...
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  • The Marblesoft-Simtech Bundle

    The Marblesoft-Simtech Bundle

    for Windows XP or newer Something for every student from birth to adulthood! The Marblesoft-Simtech Bundle includes all programs from the Complete Marblesoft Bundle, the Simtech Super Bundle, and the Click to Read Bundle! From Marblesoft: Early...
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  • Wheel of Sounds

    Wheel of Sounds

    for Windows XP or newer Wheel of Sounds is a switch-activated game that plays an object's sound when the object is selected by the spinner. The spinner is activated by either step scanning, timed scanning, a single switch press, a mouse or touch-screen...
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