• The Marblesoft-Simtech Bundle

    The Marblesoft-Simtech Bundle

    for Windows XP or newer Something for every student from birth to adulthood! The Marblesoft-Simtech Bundle includes all programs from the Complete Marblesoft Bundle, the Simtech Super Bundle, and the Click to Read Bundle! From Marblesoft: Early...

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  • Switch Wars

    Switch Wars

    for Windows XP or newer Save us from the aliens! In this, Simtech's best selling single program, alien spacecraft have invaded our galaxy and the only thing that can save us is your switch. This exciting arcade-style game features four activities...

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  • Spider Maze

    Spider Maze

    for Windows XP or newer Eeek! If you thought only frogs ate flies, think again. Look out! Here comes Spider Maze. Use your switch to help the spider gobble up the flies caught in his web. But watch out! Only the ladybug can protect the spider from the...

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  • Single Switch Games 2

    Single Switch Games 2

    for Windows XP or newer These new arcade-style games don't pretend to be educational. They're just for fun! Each game starts with a simple activity that can be easily mastered by almost all players, then gets gradually harder until it challenges even the...

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  • Safe at Last!

    Safe at Last!

    for Mac OS X and Windows Marblesoft took a classic logic game and adapted it specially for players with disabilities. Players reveal squares on a grid one at a time, using deductive reasoning to determine which squares are safe and which ones conceal...

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