Switches and Accessories

  • Access Switch

    Access Switch

    for Macintosh and Windows The Access Switch is a durable switch made of high impact plastic. It is 2.5" in diameter and can be activated by a light touch anywhere on its surface. An audible 'click' gives feedback that the switch has been activated. Each...
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  • AT Ultra Light Chin / Cheek Switch

    AT Ultra Light Chin / Cheek Switch

    1. Wearable Switch, always where you want it. 2. Light activation without losing tactile feedback. 3. Comfortable for extended wear. 4. 1/8 inch (3.5mm) Right angle mono plug standard for use with Xbox adaptive controller, PC access, AAC, ECU, adapted...
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  • ATEC Computer Switch Interface

    ATEC Computer Switch Interface

    by Atec, Inc. The latest entry in the switch interface field from ATEC raises the bar a little on price and performance. It allows connection of up to 5 switches to a USB port, and is the lowest-priced of all the standard interfaces. It even remembers...
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  • Big Red

    Big Red

    The Big Red (formerly Twist) switch offers the original Big Red switch's 5 inch activation surface with tactile and auditory feedback, but with a twist. The switch top can be removed and replaced with the color of your choice: Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green...
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  • BIG Step-by-Step Communicator

    BIG Step-by-Step Communicator

    Record any series of messages directly into the BIG Step by Step Communicator and press its activation surface for the first message. Press it again and BIG Step by Step automatically steps to the next message. With two full minutes of recording time,...
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