Switches and Accessories

  • BIGmack® Communicator

    BIGmack® Communicator

    Record any single message directly into the BIGmack communicator and press its activation surface for playback up to two minutes in length. Connect a toy or appliance for additional motivation. With its large, 5 inch activation surface, BIGmack is an...

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  • BIG Step-by-Step Communicator

    BIG Step-by-Step Communicator

    Record any series of messages directly into the BIG Step by Step Communicator and press its activation surface for the first message. Press it again and BIG Step by Step automatically steps to the next message. With two full minutes of recording time,...

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  • Big Red Twist

    Big Red Twist

    The Big Red (formerly Twist) switch offers the original Big Red switch's 5 inch activation surface with tactile and auditory feedback, but with a twist. The switch top can be removed and replaced with the color of your choice: Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green...

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  • Hitch 2.0 Switch Interface

    Hitch 2.0 Switch Interface

    for Macintosh and Windows, by Ablene Hitch 2.0 is a plug-and-play USB computer switch interface with inputs for up to five switches or one joystick with a 9-pin D plug. When used with switch accessible software, users are able to control their computer,...

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  • The NEW Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

    The NEW Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

    AbleNet's NEW Blue2 switch provides a sleek, modern design with new features that make it compatible with all switch accessible apps. Also new to Blue2 is the ability to toggle the on-screen keyboard on and off for iOS devices and a built-in...

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  • Pererro Pererro


    RSLSteeper are delighted to announce ‘Pererro’ – the world’s leading device for switch accessing iOS. Access your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with a switch. Apple devices are the market leaders in mobile communication – we...

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  • Tapio - iOS Device Switch Interface

    Tapio - iOS Device Switch Interface

    Tapio™ is a direct connect, Lightning fast, dual switch interface that's suitable for everyday access, but can fly with any warp speed gamer. With Tapio and an adaptive switch, a single switch user can have complete access to an iPad, an iPhone...

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  • Swifty - Wireless USB Switch Interface

    Swifty - Wireless USB Switch Interface

    The Swifty you have come to know and love has been improved. Second generation Swifty is now shipping, with significant improvements. It now sips even lower power and supports USB Remote Wakeup. As the name implies, an adaptive switch can be used to not...

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  • ATEC Computer Switch Interface

    ATEC Computer Switch Interface

    by Atec, Inc. The latest entry in the switch interface field from ATEC raises the bar a little on price and performance. It allows connection of up to 5 switches to a USB port, and is the lowest-priced of all the standard interfaces. It even remembers...

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